1109 E. Ash St. Phone: 217-523-5433 (LIFE)

This church was founded in the early 1980s as an independent, autononomous, unincorporated local church in Missouri. It went by several names at different times. After the destruction of its building by flood and legal challenges to its government, it was reorganized and incorporated under Illinois law in 2005 as Peoples Church. The church now ministers and owns property in both Illinois and Missouri. The headquarters are located in Springfield, Illinois, in a storefront church with a second floor parsonage, living quarters and office. It is an Apostolic (pentecostal) church, unaligned with denominations or fellowships. It was the fulfillment of a vision by pastor Michael, who saw an interracial church as a mission to the impoverished east side of Springfield. The worship is lively Pentecostal style, in an informal setting. There is strong emphasis on faith healing, and the gifts of the Spirit. The main worship service is held on the Sabbath (Saturday).We hold the 1611 King James Bible to be Gods infallible, inerrant word to try spirits and identify false prophets. We are on a mission from God, to win souls and take the gospel to all the world. It is our desire to eventually have the doors open every day for community activities/service, or worship.

CURRENT MINISTRIES Acoustic Worship With Prophet Michael. This is Peoples Church main weekly worship service, held at 3pm on the Bible (Saturday) sabbath. Please join us to sing, dance, and praise God in the Spirit. Bring the sick and needy for healing and prayer. Prophet Michael will give a word from God as led by the Holy Ghost. No offerring taken. FREE meal (pot faith) following worship. Free transportation. Phone 217-331-2606 or 217-523-5433. Mid-week ministry Wednesdays. 10AM: singing and music for Washington Street Mission, 11:30AM street preaching, music, street ministering at Old State Capitol Plaza, weather permitting. Nursing Home Ministry. Tuesdays: Singing, praying, and preaching at local nursing homes. Call or email for times, locations, and more info. Environmental Ministry . This ministry is committed to cleaning up the world, one mile at a time. The litter pick-up project needs volunteers from the church and community. Television Broadcast, 10:00 am,4:00 pm, and 10:00 pm Sundays, cable access channel 4 Community Visitation, times and locations to be announced at Sabbath Worship. Sunnyside Farm- This annex to Peoples Church is located in scenic rural Callaway County Missouri. It is utilized for retreats, rehab, and temporary shelter. A weekly Wednesday prayer meeting is held at 3PM led by deaconess Susan Jones residence supervisor. An annual July 4 campmeeting features preaching, special music, food, limited lodging, and unlimited camping. Year round scenic outdoor baptisms and wedding are available by reservation. Sunnyside Farm is located on a flood plain and is inaccessable in wet weather. Call for directions and road conditions. 217-523-5433, or email 12 step groups, meeting weekly, call or email for details. Marriages, funerals, baptisms, baby dedications, always FREE!!

FUTURE MINISTRIES Support Our Prisoners. A support group to help the over three million prisoners in American prisons and jails. Bus Ministry. Driver/minister needed to find riders and give rides to sabbath (Saturday) worship. Van available. Smoking cessation program Mid-week Bible study/worship Martial Arts Club for seniors, women, and non-athletes. NEEDS LIST FAITHFUL attenders of the sabbath (Saturday) worship. Donations of money (tax deductible) for Peoples Church.. Neighborhood visitation workers, and Street Preaching ministry workers. Van driver/worker/minister. Qualification: see need #1. Giant print King James Bibles. Litter pick-up workers. "As needed" nursery worker for sabbath worship. Qualification: see need #1. Singers, poets, musicians, preachers. Volunteers to clean the church Handyperson (ongoing plumbing, electrical, carpentry, and van mechanic). Litter pickup volunteers VOLUNTEERS!! VOLUNTEERS!! VOLUNTEERS!!

Peoples Church
Peoples Church

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